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Exclusive Retreats

Our home in Byron Bay offers you the opportunity to relax into your own healing, growth and transformation. 

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Coaching Connections
Theresa Vivian Training

4 Day Private Healing Retreat

Design a private getaway for relief, relaxation, and to realign to the 'YOU' that you lost along the way. For you, when the coping mechanism is so strong to cover it up, that no one knows inside you feel lost, confused and exhausted. Heal your unspoken trauma of isolation and loneliness and recover from that significant shift in your life that has left it's weight on your soul.  Retreat, even if you're in the darkness you can create light. 


Private Retreat Inclusions

  • Our Unique Elemental Healing Methodology

  • A Welcome and Intention Alignment Session

  • 2 x 120min Focused Healing Sessions - choose from Elemental Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Metaphorical Movement, Inner Child Healing, Hypnotic Healing  or Systemic Parts Transformation.

  • 2 x 120min Energetic Clearing Sessions - choose from Reiki, Elemental Movement, Breathwork or Sound Healing

  • 2 x 60min Restorative Sessions - choose from Massage, Meditation, Beach Walk or Yoga.

  • Nourishing meals and locally renowned snacks

  • Ballina Airport Transfers

  • Choose from Private Hinterland or Beachside accomodation 

  • Enjoy a gift for you to take home and cherish 

4 Day Elemental Insight Retreat

Find the space within to begin or deepen or reenergise your practice.  The most popular of our retreats!  Traverse the layers of the body,  connect with your higher self, inner wisdom and the elemental flow of energy.  This retreat will seperate insight from intuition and align you to deep clarity and introduce you to energetic flow that soothes the heart, activates the mind and strengthens the soul. A dynamic healing experience, this retreat can support you to expand self and other awareness, restore balance and create inner harmony. Improve flow of the energy within and around you and revitalise a sense of  wholeness as a way to make a positive shift in your life. A retreat to put your mind to ease, gain clarity, find stillness and come into alignment. No experience working with energy is required.


Retreat Inclusions - limited to 6 guests

  • Our Unique Elemental Insight Methodology

  • Morning Meditation, Breath and Stretch Session  

  • Afternoon Vibrational Healing Session

  • Nourishing meals 

  • Ballina Airport Transfers

  • Retreat style Accomodation in the transformational Byron Bay 

  • A gift for you to take home and cherish 


5 Day 'A Layer Deeper' Transformative Retreat

This rest restored retreat combines practices of embodied and energetic nlp for you to gain insight and wisdom to what sits below the surface. Expand awareness of the stories we tell ourselves and the deeply unconscious impact  they have. Create a new and powerful narrative to inspire new beginnings and possibilities - for healing, growth and change. Feel the tension from your life release  on this retreat as you  begin to recognise and unwind patterns and restore peace to the mind and body. This is for women who have lived with awareness of a pattern or problem for some time and feel they are finally ready to realign and release it.

Retreat Inclusions - limited to 6 guests

  • Training, insight and discussion, deigned for you to be less burdened by your past and more alive to your future. 

  • Daily guided Meditation, Breath and Stretch Practice and

  • My Unique Energy Balance Healing Session

  • Wellness Sound and Movement sessions

  • Nourishing Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners 

  • Ballina Airport Transfers

  • Retreat style Accomodation in the transformational Byron Bay 

  • A gift for you to take home and cherish 

7 Day Embodied & Energetic NLP Training

A soul centred approach to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) , this retreat allows you to become informed by your life experiences rather than defined by them. Restoring emotional balance, expanding self awareness and esteem and gaining deep insight into what drives human behaviour. For you if you are new to NLP or are ready to reenergise your practice. This transformative training can bring light to the question that intrigues you 'WHY do people do what they do?' and be a fundamental shift in your own relational connections and personal transformation.

Retreat Experience  - limited to 8 guests

  • A reality shaping tool to redefine and rebalance your  past, present and future.

  • A supportive space to soften into the edges of  limiting beliefs, thought patterns, binding perspectives and  emotional responses. 

  • A way  to reset your approach, where I show you how you can take on more empowering strategies, develop healthier habits  and have more flexibility in the world. 

  • An energetic radar for for you to more accurately read whats alive in any room, so you can expand compassion, sensitivities, values and purpose.

  • Invaluable non-verbal deeply attuned awareness for you to enhance your relationship with yourself and with others.

  • A repeatable pathway for continued growth beyond the retreat.

  • Guidance from a Skilled NLP Trainer in a soulful learning retreat setting. We value soul, connect with the heart and engage the mind held  in Australia's home of healing Byron Bay.


Get in Touch

We would love to hear from you. To find out more about our retreats, please click this link to arrange a call and receive your complementary retreat brochure.

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