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Be You

For exhausted hardworking women

For exhausted hardworking women

A return to YOU

Development Program

group coaching: live more enlivened and aligned

Surrender to everything that was and everything that will be and return to this moment of your life
- with more possibilities, more power and in more alignment... with more presence.

A journey into presence. Revive your  confidence and control without leaving parts of yourself unhealed and ignored.

Return to YOU  in a soulfully empowering  journey for connecting with your Essence, Creativity and Authentic way of being. To Freedom.


Meet the parts of you that you have not been able to heal.... allow those unconscious blocks and barriers that you have tried tireless to remove  to be met.. Understand finally how to welcome them and set them free so you can finally feel the freedom you deserve.  


Turn your attention to integrating the emotional, spiritual and physical body. Energise effortless action , revive your spirit and return  to your true essence.

Image by Darius Bashar

Have you been healing but still feel unhealed?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re angry and feel like others are living the life you want and that feels awful!  You’ve been doing the work, but still have a sneaky critic that makes you think there is something wrong with you and you know deep down you're not living the life you truely want. You know you're capable of more. 


  • You’re stressed, you're waking in the night and noticing that you are worrying about things that you just want to be able to forget but somehow the chaos loop keeps running!   You are ready to release these thought worms that keep you stuck and feeling powerless and aligning to a way once and for all to speak your truth. 

  • You’ve been told that you’re shy, flexible, helpful and kind…But enough’s enough! You are also strong, capable and extremely intelligent. Instead of feeling like the pawn in someone else’s game become the Queen in your own!


  • You know you're exhausted and overwhelmed because of the chaos to crisis patterns.  You feel lost and and want your dream to come alive and for nothing to stand in your way... But your past keeps triggering you and you don't feel you are as confident as people think you are. There is too much noise - and this s stopping you from tuning into your intuition and trusting yourself.  


  • You can't make a decision. There is a lingering lack of self worth and that scares you because you believe there is something you are doing that is wrong! Maybe, you have been made to be small... maybe to stay safe or to feel loved and that need has meant you don't feel seen  or understood. and that somethime feels like your heat is breaking because your 'stuck'. 


  • You’ve lost the ability to see a future beyond your capacity to imagine it. Purpose and passion has been dimmed and you've disconnected from soulfully alined purpose for living this life BIG and that means life lacks meaning and moments of aliveness and connection so you feel like you are alone and that no-one is helping. You feel like something is missing, and you are right, but you can find the missing piece and feel whole again.

Image by Pier Monzon

 This eight weeks reintegrates the layers 

reconnect the emotional, the spiritual and the physical bodies so you can feel whole again.

In A return to YOU, I'll support you to: 

>> Activate the alchemy of awareness. Rebalance the way life touches you and feel more empowered and in more control. Know how to be with the unhealed parts of yourself in a way that guides you to a life of more freedom and enlivenment.


>> Learn to reveal deeply protected parts of yourself with our feeling any uncomfortable sense of pressure or vulnerability, Know how to experience a shift of consciousness to help you to feel more powerful and secure.


>> Feel  into more flow and have life become more manageable and for things to become doable. Get real clarity on the next step and learn how to tweak the interference. Rise beyond barriers.


>> Connect to your heart and honour yourself rather than replaying on someone else for answers, trust your self. Recognise the 'hell yes's' and the 'hell no's' and know what you need to do to make things happen. Release fears and blocks that you have not been able to shake.. until now.


>> Navigate ways to overcome overwhelm and learn to clear the pathway to strengthen self belief and expand how your see things to bring them into a manageable place of calm so that you can work through situations and gain awareness. Understand a manageable ways to move through a moment of turmoil or a stressful situation.  


>> Become your own coach and heal the layers and connection with your self so that you can bring deeper connection and understanding to others.  Have space for the stories of the past to be witnessed and transformed. Prioritise living authentically and  in alignment.

>> Uncover the parts of yourself that you repress and hide from yourself, liberate the shadow and discover the prism of freedom. Gain conscious connection.

Image by Jasmin Chew

Be anchored through each storm 
heart centred and open, set sail to your dreams. 

Hi, I'm Theresa Vivian

Sensitive over-giver. I’m right here with you, on my own journey of through life's fears and challenges, learning to embody a harmonious, more authentic way to live.


Leading with soul-based wisdom. I’m a heart-centred coach and mentor to successful, striving women who despite being self-aware and ‘doing’ the work, continue to find themselves struggling to connect with and stay on their soul journey in meaningful ways.


A spiritually connected, gentle and shame-free approach. Too many women have been disillusioned by values that don't belong and are shrinking and  feel shame for not being okay. They're struggling to keep up, with expectations that don’t align to their soul purpose and natural way of being which is causing fear and anxiety. Here, we don’t do that. I believe you’ve been shaped by culture designed to conform, place nice and stay within the lines. And, sometimes, the lines don't quite fit. Shaping change means re-connecting to your soul, where you can feel confident to thrive in an ever-changing world. You’re not disillusioned the culture is.


What you'll receive inside of this offering:

  • A unique 'into PRESENCE' method for healing activation and deep presencing to move through long held trauma loops and chaotic ways of thinking so you can confidently coach your own healing journey.  


  • As always simple mindful practices to take your practice to the next level rebalance into wholeness and a  relaxed control that you can take anywhere.


  • Access to a chakra realignment process to anchor into a strong sense to self and express yourself completely in a way that feels alive, aligned and authentically inspired.

  • A integrative embodied practice to balance and heal through the four bodies of self (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical)  for wholeness. 


  • My favourite collection of resources for you to confidently practice self enquiry, connection and energetic healing. You'll love this!


  • Six collaborative soul sessions led by intuitive curiosity for you to have all your questions answered and receive active healing and live coaching.

  • Several healing  meditations to balance energy into aligned and purposeful intention 

  • A recording of each of the sessions (if you choose) for you to keep and listen to when you need to.

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Kind words...


Megan Wright,
Private Hair Loss Consultant

Theresa has been involved with me through my business development and provided me with wonderful strategies with a clear and positive solution based goals.  She encourages and empowers me to take my business to the next level and offers valuable tools and resources to help me get where I want to go. Theresa is an amazing coach. I am very thankful to have such an empowering local business to support both my personal growth as well as my business mindset

Program Schedule

Weekly Session Topics  where we deep dive into

Presence and the Soulful Surrender include...

  • Getting Grounded!  Free chaos, indecision and Stagnation 

  • Heart Honouring for Deeper Awareness and Stronger Boundaries

  • Activating the Freedom Pathway,  A method  to revive control

  • Rebirthing and Healing Past Wounds

  • Energetic Tune Ups... Welcome deeper Intuition, Trust and  Alignment 

  • Embodying Presence with my Rising Sun Technique

Weekly Soul Food Sessions  where we deep dive into

Presence and the Soulful Surrender include...

  • Starting September 6th at 7:30pm

  • Session will run for 6 consecutive Wednesdays

Weekly Follow Up Session where we facilitate live coaching and answer any questions you have

  • First session Sunday 10th of September at 7:30pm

  • Session will run for 6 consecutive Sundays

Ready to get started?

Here are the payment options

  • One payment of $1895

  • Early Bird rate on now pay  $1485 

  • or personal 2 or 4 week payment plan

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I am ready?

Does coaching even work?

How much time do I need?

Do you support other therapies and healing modalities?

What if I change my mind?

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