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For exhausted hardworking women

For exhausted hardworking women

Content Creator Mapping

Powerful and Relevant to stand out

For leaders with heart who are ready to make a bigger difference

An amazing leader embodies these three things

>> Great communication skills and the ability to share stories that people wake up to a new possibilities.


>> Maintains authenticity and relates to people from their own experience, wisdom and curiosity.


>> Remains open to adjustments in order to help find greater integration and aliveness towards achieving the best outcome 


As well as being a trainer of neurolinguistic programming, master of reiki and a meditation teacher, I also have a background as a leader in both corporate and non-profit organisations.


Having a rich perspective of what it takes to integrate the body, mind and spirt in training design and leadership is what sets me apart from other coaches. 

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make them want it more than you, 
empower others to take the lead

Change peoples lives...


​In my early 20’s I decided to take life by the reigns and like most people sailed the seas, not literally I jumped onto a plane and flew half way around the world... only to find myself.


You don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find what you are looking for. I will help you find it right where you are. 


What really sticks out to me when i'm talking to leaders is that they remain mostly unaware of their brilliance! They are thinking “Why can’t that person just do it” unaware that the person they are referring to just doesn’t have what 'they have' yet!. I’m not talking about capabilities anyone can teach those, I’m talking about the way you approach things, your motivation, your vision, your drive...  and, the values that guide you. 


People generally can’t see themselves... they need someone to help see for them. That's why a change in perspective that maps out your brilliance in order to teach, create and support others is very valuable.

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A coach who understands your goals

A meeting or training session is one thing but creating something that really makes a difference and sticks in minds is another.

>> Design a teaching product that creates a specific outcome, without having to struggle with what needs to be there by your self, get support to unpack your genius.

>> Get support to redesign on the fly to meet your changing needs, without becoming overwhelmed or having to reschedule your event 

>> Develop a teachable model so that you can up-skill people faster in your business, let them see the whole picture. I'll help you map it out so that the people you need to know can quickly have a clear view.

When you book this session directly with me...

I will take the time to go over your challenges and you goals so that when we get to the next step of unpacking your genius, we do it with a direct line to a competency-based solution, mapping skills, behaviours, beliefs, and abilities

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  Create Magic *  

Hi, I'm Theresa Vivian

Soul driven over-giver. I’m right here with you, on my own journey of clearing cultural and behavioural conditioning, learning to embody a harmonious, more authentic way to live.


Leading with soul-based wisdom. I’m a heart-centred coach and mentor to successful, striving women who despite being self-aware and ‘doing’ the work, continue to find themselves struggling to connect with and stay on their soul journey in meaningful ways.


A spiritually connected, gentle and shame-free approach. Too many women have been disillusioned by cultural values and are shamed for not fitting in. They're struggling to keep up, with expectations that don’t align to their soul purpose and natural way of being. Here, we don’t do that. I believe you’ve been shaped by the ‘good girl’ culture designed to conform, place nice and stay within the lines. And, sometimes, the lines don't quite fit. Shaping change means re-connecting to your soul, where you can feel confident to thrive in an ever-changing world. You’re not disillusioned the culture is.

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Take the next step...

Book a strategy call to get started. 


Full Payment $2,000


Deposit $500 when booking in your 60min strategy session.


The balance, $1500 to be paid prior to you 2-hour Soul Content Creator Session where we go deeper and unpack your genius into a teachable model.

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Ready to get started?

Here are the payment options

  • One payment of $1500

  • Three payments of $555

This is for you if...

>> You’re an industry expert with an idea that you want to bring into the world.  You need support to map it out with a strong teaching outcome... without, loosing momentum or getting confused or becoming lost trying to reverse engineer your own wisdom.




>> You have people in your business that you need to get up to speed quickly, they need to know what’s valuable, so you save you time and money. 

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As you work one-on-one with me...

>> Define the goals and the abilities that you want your people to embody.


>> Discover your unconscious genius and create a map that allows you to use it to create a teachable skill so that you can save time and make money faster.


>>Receive training design methodologies that will get people to your goal more seamlessly and with less effort.


>> Develop resourceful strategies for communicating and encouraging feedback, so people get on board quicker when you share your method.


>> Unpack your genius and have a competency map that can be used for establishing and culture, goals and strategies so you can teach and monitor performance.


>> It’s very likely that you will create something to support amazing ROI... and that will make you get money back and more...

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a goal before I sign up?

How does this work?

How much time do I need?

Do you support other therapies and healing modalities?

What if I change my mind?

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