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Total Control....Over You 

A Program for Successful Women Struggling to Heal Anxiety, Fear and Overwhelm Naturally

A Self Paced Online Program with Live Group Coaching

10 weeks - $1997

My heart goes out to people who feel anxious, stressed, fearful and overwhelmed. 

I’ve felt the impact, believe me! It's time to prioritise the inner work - When you can trust yourself to heal, everything will be nourished from there.

Rise from Valley to Peak

That feeling of 'out of control' can be overwhelming, don't you want to just 'feel like yourself' again?

Too many of us hide our fears, overwhelm and anxiety and feel so hollow and alone... We never really feel seen by others. We learn to adjust to others expectations. We deny our true nature. We hand over our healing to others. Disconnect from the deepest parts of ourself. We make our life smaller and more attainable to fit in to that dreaded feeling that rises up from the pit of our stomach, we make ourselves smaller to calm the beat of the heart that feels out of control. We make ourselves smaller to make the overwhelming voices in our head quieter.

Its time to STOP, SOOTHE and NOURISH...  Refresh the nervous system and experience a clearer mind, more peaceful thoughts and a softening of the body. You've been holding yourself too long!!  Connect to innate healing energy from within, see anxiety and fear in a new light, envision stepping up into authentic soul goals. 


 Move from the valley of despair to the peak of insight and control...  Bring ease to the body and flow to life so you can feel whole again.

Navigate the Tender Edge from Fear to Freedom

I will teach you to heal just as I did. Learn my mindful approach to a relaxed, deeply connected and authentically inspired life. The success of of the practice can actually be measured by our emotional state – by our sense of joy, happiness and fulfillment.


Anxiety is a problem because you disconnect from those you love, lose momentum, shut down desires and feel like you have no way out of your thoughts and feelings. It’s uncomfortable because you feel out of control.  Healing hasn’t been successful because you've relied on therapies to fix you and you cut off how you feel and what you want.  When you learn to trust yourself, to prioritise the inner work,  you begin to create transformative shifts.

If you can't transform your anxiety then you're minimising your life rather that maximising it. You need to trust yourself.

There’s energy passing through you that wants you to know something. If you can witness yourself and realise, I am not the emotion then you can also witness the emotion and ask what it’s here to teach me...  The 10 Week program will take you through three rises from valley to peak - if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, overwhelm and fear -  rise courageously, feel confident and be whole again. 

Rise Up with Resources for Stress Release and Resources for Growth

Group Coaching goes much deeper into the heart of healing, you get added personal support and can create amazing connections, it's incredibly powerful and transformative.  The program is created on a foundation of soulful connection and energetic practices for healing. You'll receive live teachings, Q&A sessions and activities to put your learnings into practice and have access to a private Facebook group to support healing with love. However you go about it you will gain insight and understanding.  Access group coaching sessions Live or as a recording, Move through the weeks as quickly or as slowly as you like. Gain a powerful toolbox of resources to support you. Each module focuses on an element of wellbeing, move at your own pace, work towards your personal goal

- customise your healing journey.  


And, as a bonus you can choose to add to your program, unique one-to-one highly personalised coaching sessions with Theresa.  Join Theresa and rise from valley to peak, regain total control and join this powerful group of women in our exclusive 10-week program empowering you to feel whole again. 

Let go of the wasted time it takes to worry, stress out, be inauthentic, fearful and anxious.. and meet life courageously, live life at the highest level.

You get Total Control!


ONE: Move Beyond Fear Anxiety Stress & Overwhelm

Are you feeling unsure & struggling to trust yourself so that you can confidently make decisions and create the life you deserve?

Connect to your unique strengths, learn to navigate the tender edge of what you're most afraid of and what you want most with ease. Trust your mind, have a new way of practicing wellness, to reset and forget and reshape the past and get back to yourself.

* Loaded with Wellness principles to support stress, anxiety & overwhelm

TWO: Enhance your Energy & Know Yourself 

Do you want to break free of the emotional avalanche, from feeling ungrounded, drained and fearful and embrace your true potential?

Energy healing is the path to happiness.  Attune to a higher vibration and be more resilient. Feel in control, master strategies and tools that enable you to thrive and understand energy and emotional alchemy. 

* Craft a self healing journey, Emotional and Energy Clearing, Connection, Expansion.

THREE: Create An Authentic Impact

Are you struggling putting yourself out there, and playing small with the desire to connect more deeply and make an impact?

Land in the body and step into possibility. Dissolve into your authentic self and connect to your soul desire to create powerful insight. Align and feel more confident and courageous - be whole again.  Have change be as effortless as breathing. Feel more empowered to create something good in the world and forge a strong connection to your true north and embrace the ultimate in you.

*Have the confidence to believe in you, your goals and pull back your power.

Create Authentic Connection, Know yourself more deeply, nurture and transform your relationships, level of control and ability to forgive. Be real. Learn to listen to and trust your heart and soften the mind. Ground yourself in a more harmonious, mindful and fulfilling soul-led way. Embrace and accept yourself. Passionately return to the essence of who you are with loving kindness. At the heart of everything is you - hold yourself gently.

Total Control....Over You 

A Program for Successful Women Struggling to Heal Anxiety, Fear and Overwhelm Naturally

A Self Paced Online Program with Live Group Coaching

10 Weeks - $1997

There is comfort in community.
To find out more or just get on board with the group coaching program book a time to chat below. 
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