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Life Coach - Byron Bay

For exhausted hardworking women

For exhausted hardworking women

Soulful Solutions

Are you ready to bring ease + direction to your life

Clear away all barriers, so you can connect to more flow and

Attract a Soulful aligned life in the blink of an eye.

Possibilities Byron Shire

Are you ready?

This exclusive program is for you if...

  • You feel like you’re living on borrowed time and want to do more with the precious time you have. And, if your honest you feel like your progressing, but something inside you doesn’t feel right.


  • You want to break the mould and turn over a new leaf and clear any limitations from your path so. You can deepen your experience of life.


  • You are ready for a fresh start, to do the inner work and get the ball rolling on the everyday actions that will change the direction of your life.

We must do healing and balancing work to activate our highest potential. Without it we close off our heart activation, connection and intuition. Take time to heal and be nourished. 

If you are ready to feel more charge and aliveness in your life, and be guided towards more wholeness, join me and I will show you how.

Coaching Byron Shire

This three month long mentoring program enlivens you to

Make lasting, soulfully aligned, empowering transformations in your life.

As you work one-on-one with me...

>> You will learn to clear emotional resistance, stay energised and remain focused and calm, and you will begin to reconnect strengthen connectionwith your soulful self.


>> I will help you bring every distortion that arises into balance. Suddenly, you will be free of cultural conditioning and be able to align with your own goals and purpose.


>> When life is difficult to navigate, I am going to hold you to your soul’s highest potential, without pushing or judging and I will support your unique soul journey.


>> You will develop deep seated discernment and ability to trust, so that you're able to create deeper and deeper and richer connection with yourself and with others.


>> You will see better days and lay out a plan to have more time on your hands to do what you love as you connect with your intuition you will rediscover your soul gifts.


>> As I mentor you, your intuition will expand and you will find yourself acting on it in a more positive way. You will develop the practical skills you need to navigate obstacles and barriers in your life in a harmonious way.


>> You will quiet the mind and cultivate clarity as your mind, body and soul become nourished and revived, bringing greater meaning to your relationships and more peacefulness into your life.


>> Feel complete without being divided or feeling damaged and resolve any inner conflict that is at play beneath your stuckness so you can clear past hurt and trauma put your best foot forward.


>> You can uncover the most beautiful elements of yourself and access a new ability to connect and shine in the world

Image by Dan Farrell

Release fear, guilt, shame and inauthenticity
and meet life soulfully so you can create more freedom and happiness.

Hi, I'm Theresa Vivian

Soul driven over-achiever. I’m right here with you, on my own journey of clearing cultural and behavioural conditioning, learning to embody a harmonious, more authentic way to live.


Leading with soul-based wisdom. I’m a heart-centred coach and mentor to successful, striving women who despite being self-aware and ‘doing’ the work, continue to find themselves struggling to connect with and stay on their soul journey in meaningful ways.


A spiritually connected, gentle and shame-free approach. Too many women have been disillusioned by cultural values and are shamed for not fitting in. They're struggling to keep up, with expectations that don’t align to their soul purpose and natural way of being. Here, we don’t do that. I believe you’ve been shaped by the ‘good girl’ culture designed to conform, place nice and stay within the lines. And, sometimes, the lines don't quite fit. Shaping change means re-connecting to your soul, where you can feel confident to thrive in an ever-changing world. You’re not disillusioned the culture is.

Mind Body Soul

Take the next step...

Connect to your soul so it can guide, awaken and heal. So, you can have an enriched level of connection and awareness, and create the most enlivened life you desire.  


Mentoring offers the flexibility and support you are looking for.


You will receive 2x 60-minute Coaching Sessions each month


Plus up to 60 minutes of additional coaching support each month; this can be used for review of any information or products you are creating or to make small refinements and to check if needed

Lots of resources tools and strategies for a m ore soulful life

What people say

Personal Trainer

Theresa helped me get through something I have been struggling with for years.

Best decision I ever made was to introduce myself to her.

What people say

Dani Sirotic,
Moolello Change

Theresa loves helping people make changes that matter to them, their families and the people around them.  Having someone guide you and help you get what you want is so much better than plugging away solo. Don't waste time, get onto this team and get them to get you on track and refocussed to improve your life. ​

What people say

Lisa Drenkhahn,
Peninsula NLP

Theresa has the ability to hold a safe space for you. Her support, care and undeniable skill set led the direction of my dreams.

Ready to get started?

Here are the payment options

  • One payment of $1500

  • Three payments of $555

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a goal before I sign up?

Does coaching even work?

How much time do I need?

Do you support other therapies and healing modalities?

What if I change my mind?

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