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Welcome a fresh perspective, balance, connection

Awake and Align parts of yourself more fully and Feel Alive,Calm and Happier...

A balanced body and clear mind with rejuvenating coaching and healing practices.  

You've been on the SofA (Stress, overwhelm, fear and Anxiety) for too long. I can help. 

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This is a safe space. A place where you can breathe deeply and become more of yourself, tend to your wounds, explore, relax and get comfortable.  

Tune into rhythm of change from a neutral space... Access change at a higher level of consciousness... Create a sanctuary where your life is more joyful where your mind isn't racing... Give yourself the peace and time to heal and grow...  

+ Rebalance Emotions

+ Improve communication effectiveness

+ Enhance performance

+ Heal from Fear

+ Quickly eliminate unwanted behaviours

+ Generate change, optimise skills,

+ Align beliefs, values and behaviours

+ Gain clarity and a healthy way to calm your inner world and relate better to your outer world

Welcome a CALM approach: Clear, Authentic, Lasting, Mindful based results.

I'm welcoming  you...  This beautiful co-created experience, an open the door for you to be present and authentic with the messiness, struggles and stress as well as the strengths of life -  for you to hold yourself, heal yourself and fix what needs to be fixed.

+ Stop huge fears that get in your way, utilise simple practical soulful solutions

+ Stop procrastinating and perfectionism, create a strong emotional connection to purpose and sling shot toward it

+ Stop confusion or lacking the necessary skills to generate the change you want, move forward

+ Stop living in the past and meet ‘now’ with helpful strategies so there's no more hiding, bring more good into the world

Change doesn't always come signposted but if you need one... 

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Coaching isn't lots of talking about your past, its much more future orientated.  


My intention is to offer an invitation for you to heal and grow at a conscious level where you can think your way into a solution but there are also times where it's likely we'll work at an emotional and energetic level too, meaning it's okay to be lazy about healing and trust that your body knows exactly what it needs to do to support you wholeheartedly. 


When your living aligned things seem to flow with effortless action and extraordinary results.

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Private Coaching – Online Courses – Retreats

I work privately with those who have tried everything, who value compassionate authentic connection and want to become exceptionally aware authentic soul driven successes.

Quieten your mind, tune into your heart... Does this feel right?  If so, go ahead and book in or let's have a conversation so you can find out more. If not, it's okay too, people need to find their people..


You should know though, I love deeply, swear openly and am not afraid to ask the hard questions if it means that you live more soulfully connected, authentically present, successful and pain free.

I work with clients from all over the region including Ballina, Lismore, Alstonville, Bangalow and Byron Bay in person on Saturdays and online Australia wide all week.


Personal Trainer

Theresa helped me get through something I have been struggling with for years.

Best decision I ever made was to introduce myself to her.


Dani Sirotic,
Moolello Change

Theresa loves helping people make changes that matter to them, their families and the people around them.  Having someone guide you and help you get what you want is so much better than plugging away solo. Don't waste time, get onto this team and get them to get you on track and refocussed to improve your life. ​


Meg Edwards,

 I participated in Reiki Level 1 with Theresa and was blown away.Her professionalism, along with the content and value I received from her training was wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend Theresa for anyone who wants to embrace and learn more about who they really are.


Lisa Drenkhahn,
Peninsula NLP

Theresa has the ability to hold a safe space for you. Her support, care and undeniable skill set led the direction of my dreams.

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