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with Theresa Vivian


A space where two worlds meet.

Mindful Guidance Session

How are you holding your awareness right now... what arises.... what sounds.. what thoughts... what do you see...

where is the beginning... where is the end...  

what if... your awareness, and how you are holding the moment within you - right now  - could be changed...

so that your experience could be completely new and different.


Do you wander...Is it you or is it the awareness, that when changed can create nothing other than that inside of everything that is in your awareness.


All awareness is perceived through 'your own' witness consciousnesses and therefore what you experience is nothing other than you.


It is one awareness, that generates different experiences.


You are experience, but experience alone... 

awareness only is how we paint our reality and seeing, hearing, tasting.... is nothing than awareness. Our experience shining forward. 

Outside this we become the existence only of what the "I" notices and the relationship we have with the "I" which is the you who you are yet to know..


What exists in you is your experience of what is happening.


Experience the presence of 'awareness that is unconditional love and complete acceptance' of everything and arise to limitless awareness.


When you discover you are not your awareness, but the seer and not the seen. See what is different than what was seen. 

A slow and gentle generative connection that makes the transition where you understand you are not what you "have" experienced and become what you see.  


Consider your dreams, your past, the stories you tell yourself.


See things differently. 

the wave is the water but the water is not always a wave

the thought is awareness but awareness is not always thought

Is this for me?

You will find value in this if you feel limited by your thoughts or stuck by your thinking. You may have been struggleing to find peace of mind and seek a desire to quieten the mind. 

  •  You’ve been so good at keeping busy that life feels pointless and lacks aliveness.


  • You feel unfulfilled like there is something more for you to be doing in this life (even though you’re already doing so much!) 


  • You can’t quite relax enough to have the space you need to lean into the inner work that you know will make a difference.

  • You're questioning your enoughness and fear that you’ll lose what and who you love.

  • You’re missing out on what in front of you, right now, from fully connecting in the moment.


  • You don’t want to lose yourself in your tomorrow and keep missing out of today... And you don’t have to!

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If your feel happy with words of praise then you will feel unhappy with words of criticism.

there is no boundary between what you desire and the impact of receiving it

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