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Connecting Dots

For exhausted hardworking women

For exhausted hardworking women

SoulFull Life Mapping Session

Revive + Rise

For exhausted hardworking women

This Soul Session is for exhausted and hard-working women who feel trapped and are tired of not knowing what to do next and are longing for a more peaceful life.  

Take a moment to re-connect deeply. Slow down, revive your soul without feeling lost or confused (or feeling like you’re asking too much!)


You know the pain that stops you from reaching for what you want. The feeling as your breath gets caught in your throat and your chest hardens. The amazing woman you are is underneath those feeling’s and if you don’t make room for those feelings, you don’t make room for yourself. 


Let’s get you grounded into your soulful path with grace, instead of the usual boiling point that drives you crazy!

Image by Dev Asangbam

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re unhappy, even though you have everything.  You’ve been so good at getting everything done to your usual high standards, juggling your goals, work and everything else in your life that you forgot to take care of you.


  • You’ve just got on with it and don’t like asking too much.  And, you feel unfulfilled like there is something more for you to be doing in this life (even though you’re already doing so much!) It’s unfulfilling and it’s driving you crazy.


  • You notice when you slow down your mind races and you can’t seem to switch off and so you can’t quite relax enough to have the space you need to lean into the inner work that you know will make a difference.

  • Your logical and well thought out plan needs some tweaking. You’re keeping all the plates spinning but your anxious for it all to be more seamless. If your honest, you’re questioning your enoughness and it is making you more rigid. There’s a fear that you’ll lose what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

  • You fear you’re missing out on what is important, right now. Your goals are stopping you from fully connecting in the moment. You’ve lost sight of what you value most.


  • You don’t want to lose yourself in your tomorrow and keep missing out of today... And you don’t have to.

Image by Marissa&Eric

In this Soul Session, I'll support you to: 

>> See the barriers that prevent your soulful life activate a plan to overcome them.


>>Nurture a deeper connection with yourself and your goals, while reclaiming old habits and creating new ones – savouring the   present and life to the fullest.


>> Be more  connected and present in your relationships, while honouring your needs and desires and without overthinking or losing yourself


>> Feel safe enough to relax into your body, without dropping any balls, disappointing anyone or having the electric current buzzing through your system


>> Fall into yourself and see a path forward, reconnect with what is meaningful and create your plan forward with peace and harmony in mind.


>> Carve out time to be more open and heart connected, without being overwhelmed and becoming exhausted. Let go of your need to perform.


>> Reconnect to your uniqueness and what gives your life meaning and confidently stand out with ease and flow 

Image by Fa Barboza

Hi, I'm Theresa Vivian

Soul driven over-achiever. I’m right here with you, on my own journey of clearing cultural and behavioural conditioning, learning to embody a harmonious, more authentic way to live.


Leading with soul-based wisdom. I’m a heart-centred coach and mentor to successful, striving women who despite being self-aware and ‘doing’ the work, continue to find themselves struggling to connect with and stay on their soul journey in meaningful ways.


A spiritually connected, gentle and shame-free approach. Too many women have been disillusioned by cultural values and are shamed for not fitting in. They're struggling to keep up, with expectations that don’t align to their soul purpose and natural way of being. Here, we don’t do that. I believe you’ve been shaped by the ‘good girl’ culture designed to conform, place nice and stay within the lines. And, sometimes, the lines don't quite fit. Shaping change means re-connecting to your soul, where you can feel confident to thrive in an ever-changing world. You’re not disillusioned the culture is.

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What you'll receive inside of this offering:

  • An embodied soul-aligning mapping process. Created to help you to map out your blocks and rise beyond them from a grounded sense of belonging, feeling secure in your actions and choices led by what’s valuable to you.  


  • Short simple exercises that can be done in busy moments, allowing you to integrate this new way of being into your everyday life. 


  • Access to a conversation model to dissolve conflict and help you sink into deep connection, ease and relaxing presence.


  • An embodied practice for you to dissolve into your femininity, creativity and intuition. Think of it as a friendly reminder to stop worrying so much.


  • A collaborative 90-min session led by powerful questions to support you to walk away feeling inspired, clear and excited to take meaningful action.

  • An activation meditation for you to create an emotional reset and  quickly recover and drop in to presence


  • A recording of the session for you to keep and listen to when you need to.


Yvette Knight,
Edu. Consultant

I would recommend Theresa to anyone needing help to work through life's challenges. From personal through to business Theresa has skills to help you see your way through, adding tools to your tool box. She has had helped me in different areas of my life and I always gain clarity in our sessions and the weeks after. She has excellent skills, is easy to talk with I would highly recommended her services.


Health Connection Ballarat

After completing mentoring with Theresa I feel I have more direction, focus and clarity.  I gained insight into my personality and growth in my language, articulation and personal approach to business and life. I loved the flexibility and that the learnings where based on individual needs.

I would highly recommend working with Theresa to help you with personal development, difficult issues and business coaching. I loved where this took me.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9_41_41 pm.png

Elly Collins,

In just a few sessions Theresa enabled me to feel open to new ideas, feel less fearful and act in the area of my life that needed change. It was awesome how just feeling open was enough to get me moving. Over the months after sessions it felt like the work Theresa did just snowballed as it became even easier and easier to acheive what it was that I needed to do. It was such an interesting feeling during the sessions as well, feeling my headspace stretch and open to different thinking. NLP is fab!


Megan Wright,
Private Hair Loss Consultant

Theresa has been involved with me through my business development and provided me with wonderful strategies with a clear and positive solution based goals.  She encourages and empowers me to take my business to the next level and offers valuable tools and resources to help me get where I want to go. Theresa is an amazing coach. I am very thankful to have such an empowering local business to support both my personal growth as well as my business mindset

Ready to get started?

Here are the payment options

  • One payment of $300

  • Two payments of $172

  • Three payments of $133

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a goal before I sign up?

Does coaching even work?

How much time do I need?

Do you support other therapies and healing modalities?

What if I change my mind?

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