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Enhance Certification Program

"If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn no one can stop you"

In Just 12 Months Become a Multi Modality Certified Practitioner
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Retreat Overview

'Enhance' Byron Bay Retreat Program is designed to support, empower and inspire women in leadership roles of teams or of themselves to evolve into inspired powerful passionate people.

We are offering an accelerated learning framework and highly effective program to integrate a holistic healing coaching methodology to switch on core balanced connection of the integrated Mind, Body and Soul for authentic embodied change.  This leading edge program is designed to incorporate well-grounded established approaches which include NLP, Clean Language, Authentic Relating, Meditation, Reiki, Systems Thinking, Enneagram and Spiral Somantics; empowering you to combine, integrate and embodied change with intuitive insight.

How to Wind Down in Less Than 3 Minutes

How to Wind Down in Less Than 3 Minutes

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What you will Learn

Are you determined to learn and committed to making the impact that you want to be making?

'Enhance' begins where most other personal development programs end.  As a coaching collective this program is supported and designed to help you integrate what you learn as efficiently and effectively as possible into the areas of life where you need it most.


And what makes this program different is that we've combined a pedagogy of embodied wisdom.  While most self development programs give you the script, we give you the embodiment to be truely guided from the wisdom within.  We look at the roots of your beliefs and values and restore into balance what undermines your hopes and dreams. Then we develop awareness of the deeper structure of language and energy to enhance communication, create connection and develop a new way of adjusting so that you can tap into unlimited resources.


This program is ideal for women in leadership of teams or of themselves or those that want to be. This amazing opportunity offers 4 Exclusive 5 Day Retreats in 3 key areas; Mind, Body and Soul and is unlike anything else you've seen.  This nurturing and supportive environment will provide a scaffold for you to build a strong embodied foundation to thrive upon in life and leadership. You'll leave fulfilled, inspired and resourced to create what you want, when you want, how you want.

The fastest way to get to where you're going is through where you are.

When you are ready to notice the truth that is inside of all of us, what you will find is the mirror to your soul and everyone else's . Develop through a sense of oneness where you are the change you want to make in the world - begin where you are. 

Some of the benefits you can expect include:

  • A positive change and acheive extraordinary results.

  • Build a life you love, open, connect and restore.

  • Expand your capacity to help and support others.

  • Connect with you highest self, grow in confidence and skill.

  • Inspire yourself and others to go beyond what they believe they are capable of.

  • Be supported as you're personally mentored throughout the whole program.

  • Be ready to say yes to becoming more

  • Receive certification in 4 seperate modalities.

  • Take your passion, commitment and learning to a new level.

  • An online platform will keep you connected with others completing this program and to bonus material.

  • Help who you want to help, how they want to be helped.

  • Awareness of your current strengths and areas for stuck-ness and growth

  • Receive comprehensive course materials

Summer Event

Authentic Leadership in Byron Bay

Autumn Event

Embodied Wisdom in Byron Bay


The Inner Game in Byron Bay

Spring Event

Personal Mastery in Byron Bay

The Certification you can expect includes:

Mind: NLP Practitioner Certification.

This area expands and transforms how you relate in the world making it easier to build and maintain rapport, create opportunities and be exceptional at what you do. Develop and build self awareness and master control of your thinking and emotions to alleviate fears and phobias and transform your ability to read verbal and non verbal cues to motivate and empower the transformation of yourself and others. 

Body: Meditation and Flow Certification.

This framework will inspire an interactive energy to create an outcome orientated flow designed to impact and help overcome roadblocks, clear fear and gain access to higher cognitive functions. An invaluable resource to connect, recognise and transform the body to expand performance, wellbeing and creativity.  Value the body and discover the internal switch to create, enhance and facilitate flow. Learn to flick the switch to access deeper states of peace, endurance and flexibility and enhance you own emotional flexibility and capability to generate and sustain flow.

Soul: Reiki Level I and Reiki Level II Certification.

Learn how to use energy to enhance greater emotional awareness and increase your sense of vitality and aliveness. With this module you will feel more grounded and present. This retreat will your naturally available state to improve overall stress, gain higher quality focus and channel frustration to flow.

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You will welcomed into a supportive cylinder that will guide you to thrive, however, just turning up does not automatically guarantee your certification. You will be required to demonstrate the ability to identify, perform and embody the key principles outlined within each area. You will be mentored and coached to integrate and enhance your embodiment of these practices.  Enrolment in the 12-month Coaching Program is a pre-requisite to the Enhance Certification.

Upon completion you will be able able to work with clients and directly apply this to your life. Each retreat is limited to a maximum of 12 people and applications must be accepted prior to enrolment of this course. This program is not limited to a 12 month period and can take place over an agreed extended period. With this in mind it should be noted that all modules must be assessed as competently completed to achieve certification in these 3 developmental areas.

* These retreats do not include the cost of food and travel. You will be required to coordinate your own travel, lunch and dinner throughout this retreat. It is agreed that training, certification and shared accommodation are included along with snacks and breakfast and cooking facilities will be available throughout the event.