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No nonsense tips and tricks to help you flow through life


Feel flow. This is the current that sweeps beneath my work, everything is designed to bring you closer you yourself. I’ve mentored corporate executives, consulted with purpose-led entrepreneurs and facilitated through rites of passage; women becoming mothers, lovers becoming friends, dreamers becoming doers, creatives becoming entrepreneurs. Its an honour coach, train and to co-create amazing life changing moments and share in so many life-changing experiences. 


WHAT IS flow


Over the last decade I’ve infused lives with hope and businesses with intent. I’ve passed through many rites of passage, run a business, become a mother a wife, a friend, a teacher and healer.  I’ve lost friends; some become family, some strangers. I’ve sold a business, moved across the country, uprooted my family and found solid ground. I’ve bathed in the bluest of waters and connected to the deepest parts of my soul. 

Flow is connected to your soul, doing what you love and that’s sometimes difficult which is why is great to have someone by your side that gets it. This magnificent work to integrate teachings and co-create experiences invites participants to be a practicing human being present and authentic, while operating in the messiness, struggles and stress of life.  Practicing is to take the teachings and integrate them into your life so that once you leave the coaching and training environment what you learn remains accessible and stays with you. 

Our work honours the journey back to our true selves.


Sometimes flow takes literally walking away from everything, sometimes it’s changing what you’re doing, figuratively on the inside so that you can

be more connected, can make a bigger Impact, be more authentic and be happier


If you are at a transition point, that can be expected, unexpected, or welcomed… If you’re truly done enduring intense feelings of fear, uncertainty and indecision, sleepless nights, pressure and indecision and you are done doing it alone… If you’re up for being more assertive, expressive and impactful… If being more connected, serving more, feeling more, achieving more while in flow sounds interesting….   If you are ready to do the work, to close one chapter of your life and open a new one… come and learn to live in flow. 



Research reflects flow a pillar of improved peak performance. Flow can improve focus, performance, subjective well-being & happiness. With flow life fulfilment accelerates alongside skill development & productivity.  Flow has been linked with higher motivation & emotional resilience and sustained moods in both the relational & organisational settings. 


In my experience flow deepens connections, soothes conflict, feels at ease, quietens the mind, feels natural, looks easy, enhances skills, reduces stress and feels amazing and moves you closer and more quickly to what it is you want. 


Unsure if this is right for you...
Pause a monet... Does this have resonance?

Buried… waves of indecision weigh upon me, my heart aches. rising anxiety, anger bursts, constant doing.  I close my eyes wanting to escape, slower…I whisper… Slower... It’s hard!  


More… there has to be more… questioning life’s purpose, ability to lead, I want to co-creator and demonstrate… more… my soul whispers there has to be more. To live without pain, without blame. Soul crushing…There has to be more…


Flow…. Slowly the breath eases, things become clear, things seem so simple now, it feels like flow…its brighter now, things are coming together and your soul whispers, if you can’t’ hear it you feel it…Flow


how to work

with me

Private Coaching – Online Courses – Extended Modules - Retreats

I work privately with change-makers, corporate executives, and business founders to help them find flow and become exceptionally aware authentic leaders and soul driven successes.

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from those sharing in success & feeling flow....


Yvette Knight,

Edu. Consultant

I would recommend Theresa to anyone needing help to work through life's challenges. From personal through to business Theresa has skills to help you see your way through, adding tools to your tool box. She has had helped me in different areas of my life and I always gain clarity in our sessions and the weeks after. She has excellent skills, is easy to talk with I would highly recommended her services.



Health Connection Ballarat

After completing mentoring with Theresa I feel I have more direction, focus and clarity.  I gained insight into my personality and growth in my language, articulation and personal approach to business and life. I loved the flexibility and that the learnings where based on individual needs.

I would highly recommend working with Theresa to help you with personal development, difficult issues and business coaching. I loved where this took me.

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9_41_41 pm.png

Elly Collins,


In just a few sessions Theresa enabled me to feel open to new ideas, feel less fearful and act in the area of my life that needed change. It was awesome how just feeling open was enough to get me moving. Over the months after sessions it felt like the work Theresa did just snowballed as it became even easier and easier to acheive what it was that I needed to do. It was such an interesting feeling during the sessions as well, feeling my headspace stretch and open to different thinking. NLP is fab!


Megan Wright,

Private Hair Loss Consultant

Theresa has been involved with me through my business development and provided me with wonderful strategies with a clear and positive solution based goals.  She encourages and empowers me to take my business to the next level and offers valuable tools and resources to help me get where I want to go. Theresa is an amazing coach. I am very thankful to have such an empowering local business to support both my personal growth as well as my business mindset



Personal Trainer

Theresa helped me get through something I have been struggling with for years.

Best decision I ever made was to introduce myself to her.


Dani Sirotic,

Moolello Change

Theresa loves helping people make changes that matter to them, their families and the people around them.  Having someone guide you and help you get what you want is so much better than plugging away solo. Don't waste time, get onto this team and get them to get you on track and refocussed to improve your life. ​


Meg Edwards,


 I participated in Reiki Level 1 with Theresa and was blown away.Her professionalism, along with the content and value I received from her training was wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would highly recommend Theresa for anyone who wants to embrace and learn more about who they really are.


Lisa Drenkhahn,

Peninsula NLP

Theresa has the ability to hold a safe space for you. Her support, care and undeniable skill set led the direction of my dreams.

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